About This Blog

Explore. Create. Enjoy.

This blog celebrates the arts and their importance in our lives. When I was 10 years old, I created my first publication, a children's newspaper called "Just For Kids," which my friends and I sold to our neighbours and parents. From then on, I knew the joys of creating, writing, and the arts. Over the years, having creative outlets and appreciating the arts have become vital to my life.

This arts and entertainment blog will help you to explore, create, and enjoy. Explore your creativity, and what it means to be an artist. Create the life you want through feeding your creative soul. Enjoy the arts, and celebrate their importance in our lives. I will provide personal stories, tips, and advice on creative living, as well as reviews and thoughts on books, movies, plays, and music, and occasionally, other random things.
I hope this blog will provide help and inspiration along your creative journey.