Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bon Jovi - The Sequel

After the fantastic concert in Montreal back in March, I was excited to see Bon Jovi again on my home turf of Toronto. They performed for two nights at the Rogers Centre, and I had tickets for the first night, July 20. As they did in Montreal, Bon Jovi rocked Toronto with two and a half hours of hits. As the Rogers Centre was a larger venue than Montreal’s Bell Centre, the stage set-up and screens for the Toronto show seemed larger than Montreal's. They opened the show with “Blood on Blood” followed by “We Weren’t Born to Follow” before launching into 80s mega-hit “You Give Love a Bad Name.” The concert was fast-paced, fun, and the song order flowed perfectly to keep the audience on their feet.

The Montreal concert was longer, at three-plus hours, and had two encores, compared to Toronto’s one. An extended version of “Love’s the Only Rule” was also a key difference that Montreal fans were treated to. But songs like “I’ll Be There for You,” “Have a Nice Day,” and “Old Time Rock and Roll,” featuring opening act Kid Rock, which were missing in Montreal, were great additions to the Toronto set list, and I’m grateful to have been able to hear them performed in Toronto.

One slight downside to the Rogers Centre show was that the band chose to keep the roof closed, most likely due to trying to preserve the acoustics. The sound was amazing, but unfortunately, it was hot! And, to top it off, I had lost my bottle of water, and didn’t want to miss any of the show by leaving to buy another one. Being hot and sweaty, and dancing around with no water wasn’t very smart of me. Thankfully, however, a random act of kindness made my night. The gentleman in front of me, who knew that I had lost my water, went out at one point during the show, and brought me back a bottle of water. That was very kind of him, and I am comforted to know that strangers still care.

I am a bit sad that for me, the Circle tour has come to an end. I was lucky enough to see the tour in two cities, and both shows were wonderful. Now, Bon Jovi will have to hurry up and release a new CD, so that they can tour again!

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